Founded in 1958 and going strong ever since. Members come from across all areas of Central Scotland, predominantly the Bearsden, Milngavie, Clydebank & Glasgow areas.

We do have a number of members who are relatively new to the sport of fly fishing and also members who have represented Scotland at international competition level as well.

Our 'home water' is Loch Humphrey which is fished throughout the Trout season by all members. Not a small water by any stretch of the imagination and it comes complete with Boats and Boathouse. We have an annual programme of club competitions on 'The Humphrey' as well as organising boat and river fishing trips for members to some of the most popular venues in Scotland.

Rarely does a season go by when we've not covered the likes of Carron Valley, Loch Leven & Lake of Mentieth etc. This is an ideal opportunity for the less experienced angler to pick up some hints and tips from our more seasoned members.

In a nutshell, the loch is there to be fished when the members want. Competitions, outings etc, are an option with membership but not a requirement. Some members prefer to simply fish the loch, they enjoy it and have a great time...and that really is what the game is all about!